Adding elements | The Legend Of Kathy: Carnival's Mask | DevBlog #2

2018-01-22 21:03:22 by Gammes

Hello! Here I bring you the second DevBlog of our game that is currently in development, The Legend Of Kathy: Carnival's Mask. This time, I will give you more details about the new save system implemented within the game and the new elements we've added to it.

To begin, I will talk about the save system. One of our goals with this game is to publish it on all the possible platforms y make it accesible to a big quantity of players. For this, I, as the programmer, set myself the task to implement a "cross-platform" save system, I mean, the data you save playing the Web version, for example, can be used on the Android version and continue where you left. For this, it's neccesary to play the game with a constant conecction to Internet and the use of an account. The cloud save system it's working at 100%.


In the second place, I will talk about the new elements added to the game. One of these elements, and the most interesting at my sight, it's the portal. The portal will allow our hero to move one place to another through the kingdom. Each time you find a new portal, it will be available to use from another point.

The game will have three variants of portals:


Also, here is the main character of our game!



There's a long way to go, but everything is going as planned. I hope that soon I can bring you more details!


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