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Entry #1

Night Ninja Progress Report #1

2014-07-23 15:36:48 by Gammes

Hello everyone. I'll start the first edition of the Night Ninja Progress Report. As I said before, I'm programming the game in AS3, an advanced and more difficult language. In this first edition, I will give you the details of the 0.1 version of Night Ninja. Let's begin!

Main Menu 100% working: I've already finished the development of the Main Menu. It works very well and responsive, also, I added some new functions. 

Sub menus 100% working: OK, so, we have the Main Menu, Story Mode, Data and Options. In the Options sub menu, you can change the quality of the game ( Low & High ) and see the credits. In the data sub menu, you can delete all your data, check your user name, score and money.

 No Game play: I will start the "true" development of the game, tomorrow. I will make the first chapter completely, then, I will make the 2nd edition of the Night Ninja Progress Report.

I will work had to release the game, maybe in this year, or in 2015 (First Quarter). Thanks for yout support! Night Ninja will be a incredible game! :D

- JG - 


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2014-08-02 19:47:38

I'm excited for Night Ninja and can't wait 'til it's done. I wish you luck and hope it gets done soon!

Gammes responds:

Thanks! :D I am working hard in this game!